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Educational DSP provides affordable engineering, design and fabrication for a wide range of electronic equipment for use in educational labs and other settings.  Some of our recent work is pictured below.

Relay control unit using audio DTMF signals to control four 120VAC outlets and three bare relay contacts. The AC outlets can switch up to 10A, and the bare relay contacts are rated for 32V at 3A. Provides an easy way to add the ability to control large external loads to any audio DSP project.
Isolated CAN controller daughtercard operating at up to 1Mb/s data rates. The CAN interfaces has 2500VAC galvanic isolation for the DSK. McBSP and interrupt selection are set with jumpers.
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DSK daughtercard for communications featuring a 2-channel, simultaneously-sampling 14-bit ADC and a 2-channel, simultaneous-updating 12-bit DAC.  The maximum ADC sample rates is ~2Ms/s, the maximum DAC sample rate is 800Ks/s, and the rates can be set independently. BNC connectors are used for inputs and outputs, and the output is capable of driving a 50 ohm load.  The input and output are both DC coupled.  Headers may be installed to add filtering if desired.
Stereo, line-level tunable low-pass filter module, designed to operate from 2 AA cells for in excess of 100 hours.
Click for detailed image. Lab prototyping station based on the Texas instruments TMS320C31 DSP Starter Kit with added boot EEPROM, Altera CPLD, logic switches and indicators, and a large,  fully-buffered digital/analog prototyping area.  A keypad and LCD character display provide a user interface.  A sensors board adds additional input and output devices, such as a rotary encoder, audio amplifier, temperature sensor, and stepper motor.
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