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This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Educational DSP's DSK_AUDIO4 daughtercard provides four (4) synchronized, 16-bit ADC and DAC channels for the Texas Instruments TMS320C6211/6711/6713/6416T/5510 DSP Starter Kits (DSKs).  Based on the PCM3794 codec, it can sample at 48kHz using its onboard oscillator in default operating mode. With software configuration, samples rates from 16kHz to 48kHz can be obtained.  In addition to line-level inputs and outputs, the board features the ability to directly connect four (4) microphones, all using standard 1/8" stereo mini-jacks. 

On power-up, the board configures itself so that is completely compatible with all existing DUAL3006 software. By using a simple programming interface (sample software for Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio is available below), users can configure the daughtercard operation to meet their needs. The configuration includes;

  • Independently select line or microphone input source for each channel

  • Selectable 20db preamp for microphone input sources

  • Control input and output programmable gain amplifiers

For advanced users who want complete control of the codec configuration, the programming interface also provides a codec-register write function to program any codec register.

DSK_AUDIO4 Rev A Daughtercard

To utilize the DSK_AUDIO4's four channels, a TMS320C6711/6713/6416T/5510 DSK is required.  (TMS320C6211 DSKs do not support two serial ports on the peripheral connector, and so can only operate it as a 2-channel card.)  As shown below, the daughtercard is installed on only the DSK's peripheral connector J3, leaving the memory interface connector free for other uses.


DSK_AUDIO4 Rev A shown mounted on TMS320C6713 DSK with HPI daughtercard



DSK_AUDIO4 Daughtercard Documentation and Downloads:
        Daughtercard Documentation Rev A.1
        Application Note 2007-001: Configuring the DSK_AUDIO4 Codecs for Master Mode Operation
                AN2007-001 Software - ZIP format

        CCS project for C6713 DSK - ZIP format
        CCS project for C6711 DSK - ZIP format
        CCS project for C6416T DSK - ZIP format
        CCS project for VC5510 DSK - ZIP format
        CCS project for C5416 DSK - ZIP format

        C6X_DAQ Matlab Data Acquisition Software support file for DSK_AUDIO4 on 6713 DSK - ZIP format
                Supports the Input_Source command to select the input source of all 4 channels simultaneously. For further information, see the downloads section on the DSK6XXXHPI product page.

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