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Educational DSP's DSK_COMM4 communications daughtercard provides a variety of communications resources for the Texas Instruments TMS320C6211/6711/6713/6416T/5510/5416 DSP Starter Kits (DSKs). The base configuration of the daughtercard has two (2) RS-232 UART channels, a USB interface capability of up to 1MB/s, eight (8) digital outputs, and eight (8) digital inputs. Optionally, two additional UART channels can be configured for either RS-232, RS-422, or a 802.15.4 wireless radio module. The daughtercard can also be purchased with pass-through connectors to permit stacking other daughtercards.

The DSK_COMM4 daughtercard is designed to be easy to configure yet extremely flexible. With the exception of the address decoding jumpers, all configuration is done in software. The configuration options include;

  • Routing of the four UART interrupts and the USB interrupt to any DSK interrupt

  • Controlling the interrupt polarity

  • Configuring the DSK interrupt drivers to be open-drain or totem-pole

  • Jumpers to set the memory space and address to minimize the possibilities of address conflicts

The UART channels all provide 16550-class capabilities. The RS-232 channels are full DTE implementations capable of operating at up to 230.4kbaud. The RS-422 channels are full-duplex implementations capable of operating at up to 921.6kbaud. The wireless radio option uses the Digi (MaxStream) XBee 2.4GHz radio module that supports the 802.15.4 wireless communication protocol.

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DSK_COMM4 Prototype Daughtercard with RS-422 and XBee Options

A complete Code Composer Studio (CCS) project is available for each supported DSK. The project includes a detailed header file specific to the DSK to make coding easier. The software in the project performs loopback testing of the base RS-232 channels, the optional UART channels, the USB interface, and digital input/output. This provides an excellent base for developing user applications.

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DSK_COMM4 Prototype Daughtercard shown mounted on TMS320C6713 DSK with HPI daughtercard



DSK_COMM4 Daughtercard Documentation and Downloads:
        Daughtercard Documentation Rev B.1
        Daughtercard Documentation Rev A-B.0

     Major Component Datasheet Links
        Texas Instruments TL16C554 Quad UART
           Datasheet (local copy)
           Datasheet (local copy)
           USB Drivers Installer (local copy)
        Digi (MaxStream) XBee Series 1 Radio Module
           Manual (local copy)

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