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*** The DUAL3006 daughtercard has been replaced by the DSK_AUDIO4 daughtercard, which offers significantly enhanced capabilities while remaining compatible with existing DUAL3006 software. The DUAL3006 daughtercard is no longer available. ***

Educational DSP's DUAL3006 daughtercard provides four (4) synchronized, 16-bit ADC and DAC channels for the Texas Instruments TMS320C6211/6711/6713/6416T/5510 DSP Starter Kits (DSKs).  Based on the PCM3006 codec, it can sample at 48kHz using its onboard oscillator, or by using a DSK timer can achieve up to a 73kHz sample rate.  Line-level inputs and outputs are available at standard 1/8" stereo mini-jacks.  Sample software for Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio is included.

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                        DUAL3006 Rev D Daughtercard
To utilize the DUAL3006's four channels, a TMS320C6711/6713/6416T/5510 DSK is required.  (TMS320C6211 DSKs do not support two serial ports on the peripheral connector, and so can only operate as 2 -channel card.)  As shown below, the daughtercard is installed on only the DSK's peripheral connector J3, leaving the memory interface connector free for other uses.

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           DUAL3006 Rev D shown mounted on TMS320C6713 DSK


DUAL3006 Daughtercard Documentation and Downloads:
        Daughtercard Documentation Rev D
        Daughtercard Documentation Rev C

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